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Myco to Launch in America

Myco is excited to announce that we will be working with PlantBased Solutions Inc on preparing for our launch of the Hooba® range of plant-based minces, crumbles, burgers, sausages and No-Meat Balls in North America.

Myco has developed a range of plant-based minces and crumbles that accurately replicate the texture, taste and feel of meat -based minces. Hooba® is a turnkey ready to use plant-based mince and can be formed and handled in the same manner as a meat-based mince. Once cooked Hooba® will firm up providing a realistic meat-like bite, taste, and texture.

PlantBased Solutions is the leading agency in the leading agency in the plant-based food and beverage sector helping to develop, launch and scale businesses. PlantBased Solutions has developed projects for numerous companies including Unilever and Ocean Hugger Foods and hosts the annual Plant-based Investor Summit.

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